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Explore a variety of individual counselling options addressing mental health needs such as anxiety, depression, and personal development.


Specializing in couples counselling, our platform offers expert assistance for enhancing communication and nurturing stronger relationships.


Find family counselling designed to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, and reinforce family connections for all life stages.


Join our group counselling sessions to share experiences, develop coping skills, and build a supportive community network.

Our Registered Psychologists Specialize in a Range of Conditions



Embracing the diversity of the 2SLGBTQI+ community, we provide specialized counselling that acknowledges the unique struggles related to identity, discrimination, and societal pressures. Through affirming support and expert guidance, our counsellors are dedicated to fostering your path to empowerment and well-being.

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2SLGBTQI+ ADHD Management

ADHD Management

Our ADHD therapy focuses on practical strategies to help you manage symptoms, boost focus, and improve organization, all designed to support your journey towards a happier, more successful life. Whether you're exploring ways to better manage ADHD symptoms or interested in our Adult ADHD Assessment, we're here with friendly support every step of the way.

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2SLGBTQI+ Adolescence


Adolescence brings change, growth, and intense emotions. We provide a safe, supportive space for teens to express themselves, face growing-up challenges, and learn coping skills. Our experienced counsellors are here to guide you through this vibrant journey towards independence and self-discovery.

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2SLGBTQI+ Anger Management

Anger Management

Anger is a natural emotion, yet uncontrolled anger can strain relationships and impact your well-being. Our counselling helps you identify triggers, manage anger healthily, and express feelings constructively. We delve into the root causes of your anger, guiding you towards a calmer, more measured response to life's hurdles.

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2SLGBTQI+ Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

Navigating anxiety and depression can be overwhelming, but finding balance and joy is possible with the right support. We offer empathetic guidance and personalized strategies to manage stress and improve well-being, all through convenient, private sessions from your home.

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2SLGBTQI+ Body Image

Body Image

In a world full of beauty standards, loving your body isn't always easy. We're here to help you foster self-love and confidence, guiding you towards embracing yourself just as you are. Let's work together on a journey to a more positive self-view and a happier, more confident you.

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2SLGBTQI+ Diversity Intolerance

Diversity Intolerance

In our diverse world, understanding and embracing differences can be a challenge. Whether you're healing from discrimination or working to overcome personal biases, we're here to offer support. Our counselling encourages empathy, respect, and growth, helping bridge gaps and build a more inclusive, compassionate community.

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2SLGBTQI+ Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation is key to smoothing life's waves into manageable ripples. Our counselling helps you navigate and harness your emotions positively, aiming to boost your relationships, well-being, and life quality. Learn to recognize, accept, and express your feelings in healthy ways with us.

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2SLGBTQI+ Faith & Spirituality

Faith & Spirituality

Our faith-based counselling blends your spirituality with therapeutic healing, offering insights and support tailored to your beliefs. We respect all religious traditions, creating a compassionate environment for exploring life's challenges. With personalised therapy plans, we honour your unique spiritual journey, ensuring our guidance aligns with your values and aspirations, leading you towards growth, healing, and deeper spiritual connection.

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2SLGBTQI+ Family Issues

Family Issues

Family therapy offers a pathway to unity and peace within the household. By engaging with our counselling services, families can transform their interactions and foster a nurturing environment where every member thrives. Let us guide you towards deeper connections and lasting resolutions, ensuring that your family's journey is marked by growth, understanding, and love.

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2SLGBTQI+ Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss

Grief is a deeply personal experience, whether it's from losing a loved one, ending a relationship, or facing life's big changes. Our counselling offers a caring ear and supportive guidance, helping you navigate through mourning to find healing and acceptance. We're committed to walking with you through grief's emotional and psychological challenges, using compassionate support and proven strategies to ease the journey through loss.

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2SLGBTQI+ Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

Surviving a motor vehicle accident (MVA) can impact more than just your physical health; it often leaves emotional and psychological scars. Our MVA trauma counselling offers tailored therapeutic techniques and compassionate support to address the fear, anxiety, and trauma lingering after the accident. We're dedicated to helping you find your way back to a sense of safety and well-being, guiding you towards healing and resilience.

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2SLGBTQI+ Relationships


Building a healthy relationship takes effort, clear communication, and sometimes a bit of expert help. Our relationship counselling provides a supportive space for couples to tackle challenges, enhance their bond, and create a more rewarding partnership. From improving dialogue, resolving disputes, to increasing closeness, we're dedicated to nurturing your journey towards a stronger, more loving connection. Embrace the path to a happier, healthier future together with our guidance.

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2SLGBTQI+ Substance Abuse & Addiction

Substance Abuse & Addiction

Overcoming addiction takes bravery and the right kind of support. We're here with an online, friendly space to help guide your journey to recovery. With personalized guidance from our certified team and a focus on holistic treatments, we're all about supporting your growth and empowerment in a caring, stigma-free environment. Let's celebrate each step towards a healthier future together. Rediscover your strength with us, in a place where your success is our priority.

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Trauma & PTSD

Healing from trauma is a journey, and you don't have to walk it alone. Our counselling services are tailored to help you overcome the effects of traumatic experiences with compassion and understanding. We're here to support you in reclaiming your sense of self and finding peace, guiding you with empathy and expertise. Together, we'll navigate the challenges towards healing and transformation, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

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How is Online Therapy Different From In Person?

Games & Couples

Relationship Building

This show is focused on how to build and maintain new bonding rituals with romantic partners, hosted by Colin Mark Auschrat, registered psychologist and couples counsellor & avid gamer. Board & card games are a great way for couples to build a bonding ritual that is easy to practice regularly.

We acknowledge our main practice is located within Treaty 6 Territory and within the Métis homelands and Métis Nation of Alberta Region 4. This place is a traditional meeting ground and gathering place for multiple First Peoples including the Nehiyawak (Cree), Anishinaabe (Salteaux), Niitstapi (Blackfoot), Métis, Dene, and Assiniboine, whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries. Our online service spans what is today called Alberta and the Northwest Territories, which include Treaties 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 11.