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MVA Assessment / Treatment

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs) often leave scars far deeper than visible injuries. For many, the aftermath of an accident brings about profound changes in behavior, mood, and overall well-being. Symptoms like agitation, anxiety, depression, and hypervigilance are common, alongside feelings of detachment from one's life and disruptions in sleep, focus, and memory. These changes can strain relationships at home, work, and in social settings, with children potentially exhibiting regression, diminished coping abilities, and increased distress.

The journey back to enjoying everyday activities and relationships can seem daunting, especially if physical injuries compound the psychological trauma. However, timely and supportive psychological intervention can significantly hasten the journey back to pre-accident functioning, making the process less overwhelming.

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Committed to Guiding You MVA Support

Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through each step of this process, ensuring a compassionate and comprehensive approach to your recovery. Together, we'll work towards reclaiming your sense of self and well-being following the upheaval of an MVA.

Your MVA Treatment Process Simplified

1. Documentation: A note from a medical doctor may be required to confirm the need for psychological treatment. Forward this to our administration for processing.

2. Assessment Preparation: Our clinic will provide brief assessment scales to gauge your current symptoms, forming the basis for treatment approval requests.

3. Comprehensive Assessment: Book an in-depth assessment appointment, conducted securely online, to lay the groundwork for your tailored treatment plan.

4. Initiate Contact: Verify your coverage with your Extended Health Benefits provider and inform them of your intention to start psychological treatment for post-MVA symptoms with Auschrat Counselling Services.

5. Approval and Treatment Commencement: Following treatment plan approval, we'll schedule your therapy sessions, focusing on overcoming MVA-related challenges under our guidance.

Important Note: Before tapping into Section B MVA insurance benefits, primary or family-member-covered Extended Health Benefits must be utilized.

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